Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Things Friday: Old Navy Favorites

And... we have finally come to another Friday. I though it'd never come. But lo and behold, it has arrived!

Want to know something? Old Navy is one of my all time favorite clothing stores. On earth. It may be because it is my go to place for jeans (because boy oh boy. Jeans+me does not equal happiness all the time) or it may be because of their ridiculously low prices they have on their stuff. And they have a sale  about every single week. 
 (No, Old Navy is not paying me to say this stuff for them. rude. It's all from the heart)

I really love the whole colored pants trend going on now. But, I can't quite see me pulling off something so vibrant on my bottom half. Plus, I'm not so sure what color I like best. I think I'm liking red or coral pants best. I like these kapris sort of things, however, they don't come in red. So just picture them red or coral for now. 
What do you color do guys like best with this 'new' trend going around?

Don't these shorts just about make you want to go run a marathon? 

Getting sick of me blabbing about scarves? Here's another one for now. :)


And you can never have too many cardigans. Even if they are simple like this one.

A simple tee would go perfect under that red cardigan. 



Kacie K said...

Megan I love how you used "lo and behold", CHRISTMAS CHARACTERS!!!!! kc

Tara said...

I just bought a sweater from ON yesterday, and thought MAYBE it would be on your list! It wasn't, but you have great selections on there :)

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