Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Things Friday

Happy Friday!
Your week of working + studying hard will be done soon if it has not already.

Today my five things have no theme at all - just random. 

1. I ordered this shirt online last week. I hope to wear it for our family pictures which we will be getting taken next month. 

{It was a very jane deal, and link has expired}

2. Seeing as Navy + Green seems to be so popular right now I decided to look for a green necklace to wear with it. I found this one online at Francesca's collections. 

3. Bubble Necklace have been extremely popular right now. It seems that every blog I turn to some person is wearing one.  I debated on pairing one with the shirt instead, but I think it would be a little to balky. But the other day I did find a mini ones online. 

4. Have you seen the recipe for these cookies on Melanie's blog? They are to. die. for. Megan brought me one today and I savored every bite of it. You need to make then as soon as possible. 

5. As mentioned earlier I found that necklace online at Francesca's. Have you ever been in there store? You should. I love going in there when we are at the mall. The other day I spotted these two iPhone cases. Love them! You may see my phone wrapped in one of them someday :)

Have an spectacular weekend! 

p.s. Sorry for the blurriness in some pictures. I'll work on that...

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