Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{The Everything} Bag

I gave you a sneak peak on Sunday of these bags, but it was no where near doing justice. My sunday afternoons have been turned into sewing time. With school, and homework my free time is slowly being taken away. Therefore, sunday afternoon works the best!

These bags will be making an appearance at at least 3 craft shows this fall. Would you like to come see them in person {along with some hoop art}? If so, make sure you make your way to either the 1st Reformed Church of Zeeland, Byron Center, or the Hudsonville Lion's Club craft show.  

Without further ado, here are some bags!

*don't mind the horrible photography or my lack of backdrop {deck outside} - I am building something awesome to replace*

 {lined with orange + don't worry i've already fixed the unevenness at the bottom}

 {lined with light pink}

 {lined with a white}

 {lined with either turquoise, or pink}

 {lined with orange}

 {lined with a dark orange}

 {lined with a green}

 {lined with cream}

 This one is my personal favorite, I am totally going to make one for myself asap. 
{lined with a tanish color}

{lined with light pink}

Each bag is lined with a single color fabric {noted below picture}, and is about 18 inches long, and 16 inches wide. The fabric used is not your typical fabric either, instead it is called Printed Duck {pretty much the same feeling as canvas}. They can be used for various things. So far I have used them for a purse, gym bag, library tote, beach tote, binder/book bag, and other odds + ins. 

Did you like them? Which one if your favorite? 


1 comment:

Mandie Compagner said...

I like the one that is lined with dark orange

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