Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Itty Bitty Owl

So, I've got this thing for owls. I think they are darling. Not the real kind. No thank-you. Their yellow eyes are a little haunting if you ask me. 
But, if you get a styrofoam ball, and some felt. I'd say you got a cute owl. 
(the site I use to edit pictures is not working :(. So here is a fresh, picture, Taken at 8:00 PM.)
As I was browsing Pinterest, I came across these itty bitty things. Now, you've got options with this craft. They lovely people over at that blog give you two different owl templates to choose from. I went with owl #1 (blue one) but choose whatever one you please!

Shall we make one together?
Heres what you need to make Owl #1
(remember... this is what I used for owl #1, I am not sure if the amount of felt will be different for #2)

Styrofoam ball- you can get these at hobby lobby, but they are oddly expensive. I mean its styrofoam, you wouldn't think they'd be pricey, but they are, so use a coupon!

around 3 sheets of felt
(1 for the back feathers and the top of head (mine is purple), 1/2 for the back of eyes (mine is blue), 1/2 for the front feathers (white), small amount for beak/ears, and then for the eyes (you can use googly eyes if you want)

Hot glue
A template from here

Start off by flattening out the bottom of your styrofoam ball. Just press it against it against a hard surface.

Cut out the pieces from the template.
For piece 1 (piece #1 of eye, mine is blue): cut 1
piece 2 (piece #2 of eye, mine is blue): cut 1
piece 3 (feathers, 2 colors for this! Mine are purple and white): start off with 10-15 of each (you may need more or less in the end)
piece 4 (ears, beak): cut 3
piece 5 (top of head piece, mine is purple): cut 1

Cut your feather pieces in half

Start gluing your feather pieces on. Go from bottom up (don't go to the very top!), staggering them along the way.

Glue on the beak.

Once you've got all of the feathers and the beak on, take piece #1 and 2. Lay #1 (or the bigger piece) near the top of the ball. Make sure that the tops of the white feathers are covered slightly. If they are not, you may need to cut more.

Get the bigger one of piece 1 and 2 and put a strip of glue on the bump parts and the sides. Glue it to the ball

On the top, if the felt doesn't lay flat you can cut small triangles here and there so it lays flat.

Next do the previous two steps with #2.

Take the triangular piece (#5) glue the point glue the point to where the bumps on the eye pieces dip in. Glue the sides half way up, but leave the top up. It may look like a nifty cape.

Take your ears and put a strip of glue on an edge and push them together. Glue these ears under the top.

You may need to use the triangle technique with the cape piece also. Just glue that down.

Cut a few more feathers to cover the line of the top head piece.

Glue the eyes in place. For mine I cut small white circles and black eyeish shapes. You can also use googly eyes. That's what they used in the original.

Pick off all the glue strings (Beware. There are tons)

And you've got  yourself a cute little owl!

Here are some previous owly crafts (pillow, bag) Then we come to these cookies, and the eyes on these are spectacularly creative! Golly, love them too pieces. 

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