Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Circle Garlands {Take 2}

A few weeks ago, and then earlier this week I posted some pictures of a circle garland I had made. This year I will be making them for craft shows (along with bags + hair accessories and a few other things). They are the perfect thing to add to any type of party, or to just set around in your house for some decor. 

Let me know what your thoughts are - I always love hear from people other than the usual, mother + sister.  Can you think of any other color combo's I should do? I am currently making a Christmas & Thanksgiving/Fall one. 

Notice: Picture Overload

{oh, hi pumpkin}

 {helloooo pretty fall colors!}


- Each circle 'set' is 1&3/4in. 
- Each circle 'set' contains 6 different circles...almost always a different color. 
- Each garland has 23 total circle 'sets'.
- I am by no means a professional photographer. {pictures actually taken with iphone}

Have a good day!


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