Friday, October 12, 2012

Five Things Friday {Hair}

Happy Friday! Hope you are enjoying it so far :)

Today I am going to show you 5 of my most favorite hair related things right now. 

1. I am kinda really in love with these curls and I love the length too. Maybe if my hair would not poof out as much ((i wish)) it would be a reasonable length for me...

{and if only I could look as pretty as Selena...}

2. I want her hair! Now! please and thank you. 

3. How come whenever I attempt a messy bun it never turns out like this? Do you have the same problem?!

4. Fishtail braids are one of my favorite things, but I can't do them that much because my hair is not long enough. ((crying)) Somebody hopefully it will be long enough, so I can do one as amazing as this. 

5. Do you like ombre look? For me it depends on what kind you have. I either see people with a very dramatic/it turned out really bad one or a perfect one like this! {note: the awesome curls}

Happy Weekend! Enjoy it!


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