Friday, October 26, 2012

Five Things Friday {Totally Randomness}

Happy Friday! Hope your day is going good. 

Here are just a few randoms for this week. 

1. You know what my least favorite part of blogging is? Figuring out how to start you post. I can never think of a creative way, so most of the time mine are all boring. Like 'Happy _____!' So, if  you are getting bored of me saying that all the time, your doing to have to deal with it because I got no other idea :)

2. As mentioned before I have a craft show tomorrow. Tonight I will be setting up for it. Setting up is one of my most favorite parts because I like things to look uber pretty. {Check back tomorrow for details on it!}

3. Even though we only had 3 days of school this week - it felt like an entire week. The days are just dragging on it seems. I guess that is what a 6 day weekend does to you. Therefore, I am more than happy it is a Friday!

4. How many of you are going to a Haunted Corn Maze - or just a Corn Maze - this year? Read this post. Yah, I agree 100%. Also, you should really make those yummy looking rice crispy treats. 

5. We had family pictures taken last Sunday. It was amazing. The sun was a shinnin' and the leaves were all their beautiful colors. Wanna see a preview? Here's me -- just throwing some leaves :)

Have a spectacular weekend!

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