Friday, October 5, 2012

Five Things Friday

And hello folks! Sorry I've been MIA lately. We'll blame it on school. So good enough for me. 
Soooo... are you ready for another five things friday? This week we're going random... but that is aok.
1. I was searching back in Dana from Made's post and found these flowers. They contain so much beauty! It is overwhelming *exaggeration*.  And look at the more warmy/fallish colored ones she's got. Swoooon.

2. I can now saw I am an owner of a chambray shirt. Oh yes, the one from Old Navy came last week. I'm obsessed with it. I'd wear it everyday, but people might start to wonder about me. So I restrain myself to once a week.

3. If you've been looking at my food board on Pinterest you've probably noticed a trend. Pumkpin this, pumpkin that, carmel, apple cinnamon, apple crisp, ect. Obviously me and fall food have become best friends. And boy oh boy, am I ever craving a bowl of pumpkin frozen yogurt. Mmmmmm.  

4. I dream of having a rustic door like this gorgeous thing someday. 

5. If your birthday is coming up, contact me. An excuse to make this card would be nice.



Mandie Compagner said...

my birthdays coming up:)

Mandie Compagner said...
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