Thursday, October 4, 2012

Awesome {+ heavy} backdrop

You may have or maybe not noticed that I have a wooden background in my previous tutorial. A couple weeks ago I posted pictures of my bags. Remember how I said I was going to make a backdrop?!

Well my friends, I did. It did not turn out anything like I expected but thats okay because I love it even more. 

I was definitely not creative enough to think of it either. Head on over to Sew Caroline to look at this DIY! It is A LOT smaller than mine though, and I am pretty sure hers is not 70+ pounds. 

I'm sure your dying to see it right?! :)

Here ya go...

FYI: No I did not build that thing on my own. Thanks to my dad for doing that part. In fact all I did was help haul the wood to the barn + paint stain it. Easy peasy for me...harder for him. 

Happy Thursday!

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