Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Polka-dot Ombre Art

I am going to share a little history about this ombre art.
 I originally had this board hanging from command hooks up on the wall in my room.
For some reason I though 2 tiny command hooks would hold chunky board.
Anyways, the next night I had a 'nightmare' that in the middle of the night the board came crashing to the ground and put a whole the size of car wheel in my wall. It was frightening at the time. When morning comes I usually can never remember what 'movie' played in my head that night, but this one stuck to me till morning. So taking this as a sign, I instantly removed the board from my wall and arranged it on my desk, fearful that I would end up with a non-fixable mark on my wall.

Is it as weird to you as it is to me talking about my dreams? *awkward*
Let's move on shall we?.

The how to for this is pretty straight forward, meaning: no pictures, just words.

What You Need
Paint-- background color, main dot color, and white to ombrefy your polka dots
Paint brush
Mod Podge

1. Find a board or other hard flat surface, cut it to the size you want it.
2. Paint the board your background color (mine is white)
3. Take a stencil of some sort and trace your shape/pattern on your board.
(I took some card stock and punched a circled out and traced it all over the board)
4. Paint! Start with the outside circles and move in. Each time adding a little white to make it go lighter and lighter.
5. After it is dry, mod podge over the whole thing.

And there you have a sassy little board to add to a room!
 Maybe someday I will hang this beauty up on the wall, but for now, I am going to save my walls.


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