Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ugly to Cute {Cork board Tutorial}

While at Target the other day I came across this cork board laying on the end shelve. Next thing you know it is in my cart, and my wheels are spinning with ideas of how to make it cuter. I wouldn't normally just pick something like this up {well it is Target were talking maybe}, but it was on clearance for only $3... originally $6. 

So either drive yourself to Target to pick up a cork board, or find one around house then you can make it look a little more appealing with this 3-step tutorial. 

4 Basic Needs:
- Cork Board
- Glue gun
- Fabric
- Scissors

1) Lay out your fabric then set the cork board on top. Cut around the edges, but make sure there is still enough left to fold over to the bottom.

2) Set cork board down, and then lay the fabric {right side up} on top of it. Then you should flip it over, so you can glue the sides to the back. This is pretty simple just continue glueing around the edge. Your hardest part will be the corners. Just remember to keep them tight. 

3) Make sure everything is tight and no fabric is coming undone. After you have checked add some to-do's, pictures, or inspiration to the board. 

My sister also decided to make one. {Hi Kacie}

Hope you like your final product if not love it!


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