Friday, November 16, 2012

Carrie Underwood Concert {A-ma-zing}

*before I tell you about something spectacular I want to let you know that TOMORROW I will be at the Hudsonville High School Craft Show - 9 until 3. This is my last one! Make sure you stop by & say hi*

I am so sorry I kept a secret from you, but now it has been revealed. I saw the amazing Carrie Underwood in concert last night at the Van Andel for her Blown Away tour and let me tell you, I was for sure BLOWN AWAY. I honestly could sit and listen to her for hours on end. I am actually surprised that I did not tell before because I was just bursting with excitement for like, oh, 6 months. 

When I saw that she had a new album coming out I knew I had to get it. Then I thought Oh maybe she will have a tour too. I totally want to go! What do you know?! Of course, there was a tour! So, the day the tickets went I sale I got them! (Actually there was an awesome story about that -- for another time? Maybe.)

Then when I heard that Hunter Hayes would be opening I was even more thrilled. I mean, who wouldn't be :)

Do you want a recap of the concert? Well no matter if you do or not I am going to give you one. 

I have two word's to describe it to start with: incredible + amazing. 

First Up: Hunter Hayes

My personal favorite songs he sang were: Everybody's Got Somebody But Me (in his word's the most humorous + depressing song ever - he's quite funny by the way), and Wanted.

Has anybody ever told you he can play like 22 instruments? I think in every song he was playing a different one. #talented

(before the show - it was definitely more packed than that)

Next Up: Carrie Underwood

Carrie sang for about 2 hours and they were the best 2 hours of my whole entire year. I can't even begin to pick my favorites from her - I would be listing every song. She had 5 different outfit changes and each outfit was beautiful. + she is a speedy changer. dress to dress to skinny jeans to casual to dress each in between songs. whew. wish i could be that fast

*insert: picture overload*

(the stage was amazing)

Funny Moment: 
Brad Paisley + Carrie Underwood have a song called Remind Me together and Carrie performed - when it got to Brad's part they put this amazing digital video up of him singing. It was both funny and awesome at the same time. Carrie would stand by the Brad figure on the screen and yah...
(secretly I was hoping Brad Paisley would come out and start singing - he has done that before)

Carrie and Hunter singing together! Could it get better?

Um, Yes. Did I mention there was a floating stage involved?

The encore was probably the best 10 minutes ever. She ended it with her song Blown Away, and I think everybody was blown away. 

(tons of confetti going off - Carrie's in the middle of that somewhere) 

Me telling you all of this is probably making you wish you were there. Sorry, you missed the best concert ever. :) But, if you get the chance to go to one of her's- take it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

All of these pictures were taken with my iPhone, so sorry for the bad quality but I think you get the big idea :) 

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