Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Things Friday {Whoop Whoop - Finally!}

Happy Friday Lovely Readers!
Hope you had a simply fabulous last week of November and you are starting to feel all the joys of Christmas time again. Now on to five things...

1. I had my tonsils taken out last week Tuesday - November 20 - that is reason #1 I have disappeared from this bloggidy blog. But, I am very grateful that was taken care of even if I did miss my Thanksgiving meal and had to have a popsicle instead. 

2. Yesterday I was going to try and head to school. But nope, never made it. Ever head of something called the flu? Yah, pray that decides to run away from me soon. 

3. Do you have your Christmas tree up? Ours is up, but this year I just observed from my spot on the couch with a popsicle in hand. Side note: Not sure if it is possible for me to have another popsicle again. I had waaayy to many this past week. 

4. I had a big happy smile on my face when Melanie announced she had a little obsession with sparkles because I do too.
I love this tank top.
And this one.

5. Blogger is being all weird and is currently making you pay if you want to add pictures. That's the reason for such a blah post with no colorful pictures. We will try and get that worked out...

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the first couple days (and the rest) of December. I will try and get better at posting because I don't have an excuse anymore :)


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