Friday, November 2, 2012

Five Things Friday

Did you think we... more like I almost forgot about 5 things Friday? Truth is, I did... almost. After have 2 3 days weeks this 5 day week kind of slapped me in the face, resulting in a forgetful, massive tired brain. But hey, it's Friday now so I shall not complain.

1. The reason for the lack of posts coming from my end of the world is because our Byron Center craft show is a week from tomorrow.... AAAAHHH. Save me now. But don't get me wrong, I am extremely excited for it! Like the kind of exited when I stay up till midnight on school nights just thinking about it kind of excited. 
 Anyhoo, I've been sewing my little heart out lately, hoping to get enough merchandise to sell to the public. 

2. I'm really in love with this. Someone wanna crochet it for me?

3. About 2 weeks ago we got our family pictures taken while the trees weren't as bare as they are now. Here are just a couple to entertain you folk.

You may think didn't Taylor just say she got theirs done too? Mhmm. She sure did. Same day to be exact.

4. I crave pasta 24/7. Doesn't this look tasty? Skillet chicken parmesan. Mmmm, I'd take a plate or 2. 

5. If I had a craft show, my walls would involve hoop art with spunky fabric. 
(this is from Meg from Whatever's craft weekend. Oh how I dream of going to one...)


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