Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hey I Just Met You - And This Is Crazy (but I just made the longest tutorial ever!)

Heelllooo and Happy Saturday at last. 
Well I just slaved over making this hair tutorial for you guys. I am pretty sure that it is the longest thing in the whole entire world. 36 steps to be exact, but I am pretty sure you could do it in like 5. 
Let if know if any of you try it. Really though, it only takes about 5 - 10 minutes. Super Duper, Easy Measy. 

Notes: Don't mind my awkward faces. You will never know how weird it is to look at a camera in this way. 
Also, sorry for my glasses glare in like 2/3 of the pictures. 
And finally...yes, they are in black and white but that is only because if I did it in color you would not see my eyes - instead the computer screen. #glassesproblems

Did you like it? Guess I never told you the name, consider it the crown braid. 

Have a good rest of your weekend!

P.S. Did I get Call Me Maybe stuck in your head? Sorry. Kinda. :)

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