Monday, December 3, 2012

Better After

Over that past month this was what I was taking part in...
(take note: since this picture was taken we have added drawer pulls, I am just too lazy don't have enough time to go back and take another picture ;) )
So how'd we do it?
My sister, grandpa, and I took care of the painting. After three coats of Vintage White chalk paint and some sore backs we got a much more eye appealing hutch to put in our kitchen!
We had a friend/furniture painter professional give it a distressed look.  
After an afternoon of smothering on the wax and wiping it off it was ready to head back into the house.
We reused the door knobs from the old one on our new and improved hutch to be all earthy by Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Now to decorate this baby for Christmas! WOOT WOOT! Gold and sparkles and burlap ruffles here I come!
Like Taylor said, blogger is being stubborn by not letting us upload pictures. Miraculously these uploaded, but we can't get any others. Oh technology, so rude. Hopefully we can conquer this problem soon! Soon as in within this week cause man oh man I can't wait to share some Christmas crafts! 


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