Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tree Form- DIY

Take note: This is just part one! Part two (aka the super exciting part) will be up here tomorrow! 
So... stay tuned!

Since we finished our hutch I've been planning in the back of my head how to decorate it for each season. We don't have one of those lovely mantles, so it gets treated like one. 
I came to the decision that for Christmas, Christmas trees should somehow be incorporated into the decor. 
I thought oh golly this will be fun! All I have to do is get those styrofoam tree forms and make them al sassy. So I went to JoAnns hoping to find the tree forms while my sister shops for fabric and such. I found them but about dropped to the ground when I saw the price.... $6.00 for one. Now they were in the sale rack, but I knew I could somehow figure out how to make the form for a fraction of the cost. 
I turned to cereal boxes to solve my problems 
From one cereal box I got a large size tree, medium, and small. I got another box to make one more medium sized. (see the sizes tomorrow)

What you do
Get a cereal box

Chop it up

Roll it up, cut off scraps (use scraps to make more!) 

Hot glue the seam, and trip the bottom to get it as flat as possible. 
And really that is it. Super easy right? And so much better than paying and arm and a leg for something similar. 

(you know how we were having picture problems with blogger? Well the only solution I can figure out is putting Two Girls and a Glue Gun at the bottom. Why does it do that? Such a pain. But we'll have to live with it till we find the real fix!)
Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the trimmings to these trees! 

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