Saturday, December 22, 2012

Joy To The World Embroidery Hoops

Congrats to us all who survived the Myans foolish fortune tellings. Now we can all sing Joy To The World, for we have survived.
I realize that this post is a little late if you want to make it for Christmas, since December 25 is on 3 days away. But, I figure there is always next year. (we can all blame blogger together for being so insanely stubborn over the last couple weeks. Blogger, we don't appreciate your attitude)

What You Need
Embroidery hoops (I have 3, 3 inch hoops)
Scrap fabric
Fusible Fleece
Scissors (fabric scissors and paper scissors)
Hot Glue

1. On paper, draw out your letters (block letters/bubble letters). Cut them out.

2. Choose your fabric for each letter. Also, cut a smalle piece of interfacing/fusible fleece and iron it onto the back (aka wrong side) of the fabric.

3. Trace the letter on the wrong side of the fabric (well, you will actually be tracing on the fleece). BUT, make sure you FLIP THE LETTER OVER, otherwise it will be backwards afterwards. (pardon the caps and bold, I just want to get my point across, so you don't end up in a pickle like what happened to me. Do this to all the letters

4. Choose fabric for your hoops. Cut out a pretty big size. You will want a quarter inch or so of fabric to hang out of the hoop. Otherwise the fabric will flop right out.

5. Put the fabric into the hoop. Make the fabric so tight that it looks like it will snap in a second. Just kidding. Just make sure the fabric is super tight so that it doesn't look all saggy and nasty.

6. Lay the letters onto each hoop. Attach the letters with the smallest dot of glue here and there.
7. Sew on the buttons where they need to go.

And there you have it! Some hoop decor for the Christmas season.
While making this, please pray for snow.


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