Tuesday, December 11, 2012

[Mini] Forest of Christmas Trees DIY

(large size, medium size, medium size, small size)
Here we are... with part 2! (part 1)
I do believe that Christmas is just 14 days away. Hopefully the snow will be here by then. I am expecting to have a white Christmas this year. If the snow doesn't stay this year (again), I may have to move to Canada for the month of December. 
I was surfing the web for ways to decorate my tree forms... and then I found this through Pinterest. (and it just so happened that she made her forms the same way I did! How neat!?) I'm really in love with her old dictionary paper tree... so stinking cute. But, I don't have a book, and I am a fully employed student so cutting out tiny pieces of paper didn't seem to fit into my schedule  Instead, I will just stare at hers when I get deprived. 
(click picture to go to her blog and see all of her trees!)
*Just want to clarify that those are not my trees, they are just my inspiration*
I had to take her lima bean and twine tree and make my own. 
Supplies: two sizes of beans, hot glue, a tree form
How to: first glue on the larger size beans (with hot glue). Then fill in the spaces with the smaller sized beans.
I'd say this one is the most time consuming/hardest to get the peas to stay (but it may just be my fav!)
Supplies: one bag of split peas, mod podge, paintbrush, hot glue, tree form
How To: paint on mod podge in small sections at a time. Roll the tree form in the peas (which I put in a 9x13 container). Do this to the whole thing and fill in the holes by putting a dab of hot glue on and then sticking some peas in the hole. 
Supplies: burlap twin, hot glue gun, tree form
How to: start by gluing one string end on the inside of the tree form, wrap the twine around adding glue here and there. When you reach the top, take the end of the twine and stick it through the hole in the top and glue it (glue on the inside)


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