Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Hits of 2012

And the year of 2012 is coming to an end. You know what that means? It means getting used to writing 2013 on homework. It's always the hardest part of a new year.
In 2012... we got what seemed like 1 inch of snow for the whole winter, we survived some of the hottest summer days, we proved the Mayan calendar wrong, and Taylor and I have come to a finish of our first semester of high school, and we are here to alive and tell about it! Pretty productive year.

Let's take a walk down memory lane. We'll look at the past years posts, and see what ones were most loved by you faithful readers.

Overall, for the total year we jotted down 106 (this would be the 107th) posts.
In January, Taylor and I were pretty much out of blogging mode. Taylor took her stand as a blogger and wrote up a Pinterest Post for your entertainment. Since this was the one and only post for the month of January, it received the most hits.
Yet in February we were still cut off from the world and only managed two posts for the whole 29 days of February. You lovely readers found this Pinterest Post quite intriguing. 
March came along and we began to regain consciousness. Taking baby steps we busted out nine whole posts. You found Romans 8:28 a helpful verse, and loved this one of many owl projects, my Owl Pillow.
April rolled on in and before we knew it, the month was over. Taylor shared her Funky Fabric Pillow and got rave reviews on her newest addition to her new and improved bedroom. 
With school just about to the end, May received quite a few projects. It tied with October for the most posts. Numbers spiked when Taylor gaves some hints on how to wear Green Pants, or any other colored pants for that matter. My promised Bedroom Reveal was just another project for the month of May.
June came to us, with school out it got a fair amount of projects. You guys enjoyed the frugal, yet adorable Two T-Shirt Ruffle Pillow, and even though it meant looking at my alien fingers, Drying Nails with Cold Water was a big hit.
July came in full swing with temps reaching in the 100s, very unusual for Michigan. However, we beat the heat and you readers crushed on the Ombre Crate and continuously viewed Luke 18:1.
August was a big month for the blog. There were high hits on how to keep your laptop safe with the Laptop Case tutorial, and the DIY, five dollar Infinity Scarf was certainly not an ignored sewing project. We ended the month with a big sha-bang-- a blog makeover. 
September came along, which was just the beginning of craft show season for us. Crowds went gaga over Taylor's Washi Tape Price Tags (as did I). 
The month of October, still unusually warm but we soaked up every minute of it. Craft show reveals Garlands {take 2} continued and you supportive people were there when Taylor notified us of her new business, and went to you for her name. After the poll taken on Need a Name, The Twisted Thread won the spot. ('like' The Twisted Thread if you are on facebook!)
Crowds went crazy in November when Taylor relived the Carrie Underwood Concert to us all.
We topped the year off in December with the first furniture revamp to appear on the blog, Better After.
And that my friends is a glance at our year of 2012. 
For 2013 Taylor and I have a few new ideas. Oooh the suspense is building. Can't wait!


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