Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Things I'm Loving

Hope you are enjoying the weather...I know I am!

I am loving that we only have 3 more days of school. None of them we will actually be doing school stuff (hallelujah chorus). Tomorrow we have random things that you do at the end of the year...clean locker...laptop turn in (sad, I am backing up all my files now)...and then we have a talent show along with getting our yearbook. Friday we are doing service projects! I will be going to an elementary school - yah! Then Monday, our last day, we are going to MI adventure. I would be totally thrilled about this, but knowing that roller coasters freak me out...I am not. Anyway...

I am loving that I have a babysitting job during the summer, and won't just have to be home everyday with my brother and sister. 

I am loving TOMS shoes, and would be very happy if you got me a pair. I would really like gray! (Gray or Grey?) They are just so adorable, and the little elephant print in the inside is adorable. 

I am loving that my binder finally touches end to end. Only 3 papers left. 

I have a new run the Color 5k in Grand Rapids. I have been loving looking at all the pictures of it, and it is totally making me want to do it. Ya know, I don't run much, but this definitely makes me want to do it. I am just giddy thinking about it...I would love color thrown all over me. 

*images all via the website*

There are many more things I am loving...these are just the main ones. 

Have a super duper wonderful end to your week, and possibly even school year!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Proverbs 16:20

Have a great holiday weekend and enjoy this fabulous weather!
Taylor and Megan

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Mixing it up with the posts here... sorta (kind like a pinterest post... but the stuff isn't pinned)

Let's start off with clothes. Good subject.
Well it's summer weather and boy do I love it! I recently got two pairs of shorts from Old Navy that I LOVE (and wear them about every single day when I get home from school. No problem with that, I'm just getting my money's worth out of them). They are the perfect length (in my opinion) However,  I don't wear them to school because I am not the tannest person in the land, and with the length of my legs they are against the dress code.
I bought this pair last week in the clearance rack (score!) and this navy pair a couple weeks back. 

During sprint break I got some fancy smancy running shoes (I couldn't find them on the website so there's a picture instead) in an Addias outlet mall. My goal is to use them lots this summer... we'll see how that goes :)

For some people their lives ended April 19 when Picnik closed up for good. Personally I never found the love so many had for the site. It was to confusing, took ages to load, and didn't like the fact that you had pay to be able to get the good stuff. Have no fear! Thanks to Natsprat I found a WONDERFUL photo editing site called *drumroll*  Pic Monkey. I haven't used it that much (like once) but when I did I loved it! It is faster (takes two seconds to upload a picture), they have ENDLESS ways to edit and different effects! (for goodness sake they have a teeth whitening tool... PRAISE BE!) Oh and it is SO easy to use. Best part... it's all FREE! Check it out, you won't regret it.

I love coral. But that is no surprise.

Taylor and I made Mississippi brownies last night... o gordy. Those things are A-MAZING. You must make them, then do lots of sit ups so they don't catch up with you.

Fonts for Peas. Cutest fonts around.

I love the fact that we only have 5 more days of school (2 of those involve non school sort of stuff).  It went by faassst.

What are your favorite things lately?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bedroom Reveal

It's now time for the long awaited bedroom reveal after months of promising it it is FINALLY here! Now, I LOVE my pink and brown room. But lately (especially after seeing this fantastic quilt that I ever so want to make... maybe next summer)  I wanted more color in my room. I came up with a color scheme of pink, green, brown, teal, and coral (could you have guessed?). The pink, green, and brown is already covered so I just need to add splashes of coral and teal here and there to make my room what I want. 
Do you love it? I do!

Even 8 months after we painted my room, I STILL don't have all the decor and stuff done. I know I know. Call me slow. But I keep trading the old in for 'new' (new to me or found under my bed with a new idea on how to transform it) So can you use your imagination for some things? Mmmk thanks. 
Allow me to be your tour guide and show you around... here we go!
(I will warn you now, may be the longest most picture filled post yet)

First, let's start of with before pictures. My room wasn't in need of a paint job that bad. But it needed a little up to date sorta thing
Well isn't that cute... all my lovely decor on one shelve.

All junk on one side... skimpy little music stand in the corner (now hides in my closet)
Pretty... no curtains. 

NOW! For what it is now!
This is the view when you walk it (my light looks like it is shining down on some holy place)

If you turn you have my chair, a dog I won in 6th grade, cork board, shelves (garage sale) green M, flower. (USE YOUR IMAGINATION FOR THE FLOWER! Pretend the blue area is coral.), pink polka dot bag (from hobby lobby) Oh and that little black doodad next to the M is a chalkboard. I just haven't written on it in a while. (do you see my black boots in the bottom left? Roll filing cabinet folders in them and they stand up! Works like a charm... thank you pinterest!)

Across from my bed is my desk as you can see in the first picture. This is where my sewing machine lives or where my laptop charges (and where many crafts are preformed). I would like to paint the desk white... but am to afraid and don't want to take the time to strip it and sand and spend the money on it cause I am lazy and don't have a steady income.

Right side: my bag/tote that matches my wallet (sister made the tote)
Left side: sewing stuff and two pillow projects I NEED to get done

Ahh... you meet the ugly lamp once again. Well I think I have decided what to do! From the comments it seems like the bold stand was a big hit. I loved it too. So a bold stand of the color coral with most likely a white shade it shall be! So stay tuned for a BIG reveal!
The black friends frame Taylor gave to me for my birthday this year. I LERVE it. 
The smily frame: frame is from Hobby Lobby I think. Added smile with stickers 

The other side of my desk has more strorage. Since it is in an open area it has to be pretty.  I have various glass jars holding thread, chalk, buttons, and tacks (behind the cow piggy bank). And a tray with all my Pbteen magazines (I have quite the collection, but have only bought 1 thing. Actually it was a birthday present)
The jars that hold the thread and buttons are from Hobby Lobby
Chalk and tack jars are baby food jars that I cleaned up
I am not sure where the cow is from. Could be I won it at the summer reading program at the library years ago. I think it is mighty cute. Kinda looks like it could be for a boy's room because of the blue star, and well it's a cow (not saying blue is just for boys and a girl can't have a cow in her room... just if I were a boy I would prefer a cow bank over a pig bank). 

My sister made the craft block, collection of Pbteen magazines, camera cord, and the crazy haired girl is a highlighter.  (don't know why the picture is blurry)

The wall opposite of my desk has my bed and mirror sort of stuff. 

Mirror is actually from Taylor. I bought it at their garage sale. Chalkboard I made from an old tray, and the M, which is actually a picture holder is the one thing I own from the lovely Pbteen. 
(Don't I look all smily in the mirror? Don't get my wrong, I really didn't mind taking these pictures!)

Now for my bed. I made 2 out of the 3 throw pillows. My grandma made the green one. (Basic Pillowflower felt pillow
Oh and my bedding is from Kmart.

My nightstand is painted Pear Green- Benjamin Moore. But I am thinking painting it white and on the shelves adding teal paper. Still deciding.
Everything here was bought. Not sure where I got the lamp. The magnet board and flower magnets are from Home and Company, downtown Holland. Alarm clock... probably Meijer. Along with the kleenex box. The blue box was a stocking present one year. 

Now for the shelves
We'll start on the shelve above the desk.
(nasty bright but yet dark picture... thank you sun! I shouldn't complain... the weather has been simply delightful lately!)
Bible verse in picture frame: sister designed it
Brown frame: covered it in brown paper
Alien: Taylor. Ain't it just darlin?

Snowman: Stocking one year
God letters: made in GEMS
Flowers: made them with felt. I don't believe I ever made a tutorial... or did I take pictures
Jar: painted it... but regret it. It looks awful.
Frame: time to use your imagination again! It will be transformed into a magnet board in no time!

Hope sign: made it all by meself. 
Picture frame: Hobby Lobby
Verse: designed by me. (I LOVE all the color!)
Frog: art project in 5th grade. Yup still have him 
Flower: stocking present... again
Teapot: no clue where I got it

GAH! Worse picture in the world! Save me now!
Frame: made by me, tutorial posted yesterday!
HELP! I need something to go here with the frame! It's all lonely and abandoned. Thinking gerbera daisies? Just a thought. Anymore ideas leave a comment! Don't worry I don't bite! I need all the help in the world!

Megan... made it. But before the blog was ever here so never thought to make a tutorial.
Frame: Hobby Lobby (picture taken by Taylor's lovely sister and edited by my sister. They work well as a team don't cha think?)
Cross: Not sure. Maybe Family Christian Stores?

Can't forget the closet can we?
Where would all the clothes be?
My closet isn't all that exciting except for the darlin little door knobs from Hobby lobby. Oh and that sign next to it says 10 more days of school... can you believe it?

We mustn't forget my ADORABLE curtains which I love. Thanks again Tara! 

Paint colors: Brown: Shady Side- Benjamin Moore
Pink: Pillow Talk- Benjamin Moore
Green (night stand): Pear Green- Benjamin Moore

That is all for now. Thank you for bearing with me, preciate it. 
I will update when I start adding more coral and teal. I'm super excited! Hope you are too!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Buttons Galore

I am finishing up a few crafts here and there for my room. (room pictures tomorrow!)
I had this frame from one of those corny Bible school crafts that you glue rocks onto a frame.  Anyways, I decided the poor little frame needed a face lift. I took the challenge of tearing off those tiny stones and replaced them with much more attractive buttons. 

Picture Frame
Card stock (optional)
Buttons or other embellishments
Spray paint (optional)
Mod Podge
Hot Glue

Like I said, I first tore off the stones on the frame. Since the frame looked a bit beat up I decided not to paint and glue the buttons right on the frame. Instead I cut the shape of the frame out of card stock (which I later mod podge onto the frame) so it would look a little more 'put together'. My frame was blue I spray painted the edges white and left the top alone. 

Cut out card stock

I took out my collection of buttons, and used some of my sisters (buttons from Lolly's Fabric Store in Shipshewana IN... oh man. They've got GOBS of buttons and fabric!) and picked out the colors I wanted, and arranged them on the card stock. 
Glue the buttons with hot glue onto the card stock (or the frame if you aren't using card stock)

Put a thin layer of mod podge on the frame and stick down the card stock with the buttons. I put something heavy on it so it wouldn't bubble up. 
And there ya have it... a not so corny picture frame! Easy peasy! Right!?
(the picture I want to put in needs to be developed yet... but imagine this picture in it)
Yes, I do believe that is grass on my nose. (the only way we could get a picture without doing the awkward outstretched arm in the middle method was to lay the camera in the grass. That is why there is grass blocking our faces)

If you remember my cork board.. I added a little ribbon for clothespins to hold stuff. I added buttons to a few of them. (read tomorrow on adding more color to my room) O golly aren't they just the cutest? By the way... the reddish one is really more of a coraly color, cause by golly you know I LOVE coral! In all their cuteness I thought they deserved a little 'photoshoot' of their own. (can you tell I am slightly obsessed?)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wear It: Green Pants

Remember when I said I was going to do all those posts? Well...sorry. There have been about a billion things going on, and with school ending there is even more. I promise they are coming though. maybe - hehe.

Anyway, this post is totally 100% out of my comfort zone. I am in love with my green pants, so I decided I would show you how I have been wearing them. My pants are green, but you could do any of this with any color pants {since colored denim is sooo 'in' right now}.

I got my pants from Delias, and they have tons of colors available. I really want the red/coral!

{Simple White Shirt}

I wore them with a white shirt when we had my cousins wedding shower last week. 

 *weird cheesy thumbs up - sorry*

Shirt: Target

{Striped Navy Tank}

I am wearing it this way today!

 *i am loving the sun.yah no more whiteness*

Shirt: Delias

{Denim Long - Sleeve}

I have not exactly worn it this way yet (except for taking the pictures obviously) since it is blazing hot out, but I am sure I will once colder weather comes again. 

Shirt: Old Navy

Hopefully this helped you a little if you do have any colored denim, and you were wondering how you could wear it. But then again it probably did not help you at all because I am totally not the fashion expert. 

Can you tell I love Delias? 
Enjoy the lovely warm weather.

Happy Saturday!


p.s. I look completely stupid in half these picture, but posing is just odd to do. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ruffle Wallet

Have I ever mentioned I love ruffles? Well I do! 
Someone from school ordered a ruffle wallet and this is what I came up with....
(sorry for the ever so awful picture... I took it 6:30 AM (so it was not very bright out) and I was in a bit of a rush to get to school)
I find the zebra fabric VERY lovely.
I plan on making some like this for future craft shows.
Have a wonderful sunny day 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Need Your Help

Could you help me out? My desk is where I sew. Since it is in the basement and I don't have the greatest lighting in my room it is not so sewing friendly. A lamp is what I needed. My mom got a lamp at a garage sale (good ol garage sales) last week. Problem is... it's kinda ugly.

It doesn't show so well in the picture but the shade has that old yellow tint to it and a couple stains. The stand (is that what it is called? We will call it that for now) has some mysterious spots that won't come off... but other than that it isn't to bad. 

So. I need some suggestion on what I should do to make it look fabulous
Should I paint the stand a bold color and cover the shade with sassy fabric? Like this cute item.

Attempt at a ruffle shade DIY project?
Like this one

Or this one?

This one is a beauty with that fabric and accent of ribbon.

Ribbonize the shade? Fabric paint (is that even possible on a lamp shade)? I don't know you tell me! I would love to hear some more ideas.

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