Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chalk it Up

I think we can all agree that over the past year or two chalkboard has defiantly grown. It went from sidewalk chalk for the wee ones to another way to decorate your home. 
I myself am a owner of more than a few chalkboards. The thing is, writing with chalk was (hence the past tense.... oh it gets good) always a pain. I wondered 'how in the world do people get their chalkboards looking like a million bucks?' After poking around on google looking for tips and tricks to getting a glamorous chalkboard I came across some helpful hints. I am no master, but these few things have defiantly helped my chalkboard writing skills. 

Now I'm having a whale of a time designing up our chalk board. I had something similar to this up for Christmas, but with Feb. 14 coming up I tweaked it to what you see above. The idea came from one of my favorite bloggers (her chalkboard is ah-mazing. makes me heart skip a beat). 

I'll let you in on my chalkboard writing secrets...

You don't have to buy the fancy stuff. I know you can get chalk pens (which I covet), but I picked this chalk up at the dollar store and got 48 pieces for a dollar. That beats 4 for $10. It works wonderful (as long as I do the following...)

Getting a fine tip to your chalk really helps forming those fancy letters and all. It sounds crazy but all you do is take a hand help pencil sharpener and sharpen that chunk o chalk the same way you would sharpen a pencil. To maintain that sharp tip you will have to sharpen the chalk frequently. 

You know that terrible chalk/finger nail screeching on the chalkboard noise? Wetting down your chalk will eliminate that and makes writing with chalk feel like you are writing with any regular writing utensil. Just dip the point of the chalk into a glass of water and write away! Just like sharpening, every once in a while you'll have to go back and dip it in the chalk again. 
When you first write with the wet chalk on the chalkboard it will look slightly faded, but have no fear, it dries beautifully. 

Finally, when erasing those tiny details q-tips work great!
*blurry picture!*

Now go have a chalkboard fiesta! 
I'd love to see what you all come up with.

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