Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Power of Accessories

So I may be no fashion master but I do love me some accessories. I thought I'd throw together some of my favorite outfits with my favorite accessories and make a post out of it. So here we are!

And you aren't gonna believe this!? Guys. We are tryin something new here. We are doing our first ever link up party! I'm heading over to Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday. Woohoo! New year calls for some new things. We are hoping to do a link up every now and then for some excitement.

Don't be jealous of my awkward oh so creative posing and our eye piercing lovely photography location. Resist the temptation people cause jealousy is a sin.

(I added a link to everything I could find online. )
shirt: Charming Charlie | leggings: Old Navy | boots: Lands End | necklace: Charming Charlie
If you haven't already tried the ensamble of leggings+tunic I highly suggest you bust out a pair of leggings and find a shirt that covers your behind. The ensamble is insanely comfy, but adding a lovely knew soft knit shirt to the deal makes is 100 times better. 
Before the statement necklace this outfit was fine, just not filled with much spazazz. With the orangy red bubble necklace it brightens the slightly darker outfit.

 dress: Garage sale | cardigan: Old Navy | shoes: Target | earrings: Charming Charlie
Obviously I won't be wearing this outfit till at least May, but I couldn't help spice up this sundress with the sassy red earrings that came with the necklace above. Now, I realized after we took the pictures that the earrings would have been a whole lot more noticeable if i pulled my hair back. Sigh. Next time!

shirt: Maurices/ pants: Target | shoes: Payless | necklace: Grandma made | headband: Claires
This shirt is quite a statement itself so you don't want to go crazy with pairing it up with something. I went with a tamer necklace (via my Grandma) to add something to the outfit but not too much that is painful to the human eye. A tiny white braided headband also adds a little oomph. 

 tank top: Garage sale | cardigan: Target | pants: Lands End | shoes: Payless | necklace: Taylor made
Guess what?! I am now officially with it. I own a pair of colored pants! Yahoo! Mixing colored tops these forest green pants just may be my new hobby. Although since I am new to the colored pants world, I played it safe with a navy striped tank and gray cardi (but you can obviously see that already). And that necklace? We can thank Taylor for that. Every time I wear it people always wonder where I got it. It's a keeper.

 white shirt: Target | cardigan: TJ Max | jeans: Old Navy | scarf: Old Navy belt: Old Navy | shoes: Payless
Comfy and casual but still fashionable. Knit scarves are essential for winter/colder months and the sassy polka-dot belt makes it look polished and not so baggy.

tee: Old Navy | jeans: Old Navy shoes: Target | necklace: won at bingo | belt: Old Navy | bobby pin: craft show
This tee is extremely comfy. Adding a belt and a funky necklace just makes the outfit more complete! 
dress: Shade leggings: Old Navy | shoes: Payless | belt: Old Navy | necklace: Grandma made
This dress is a little boxy and looks a little frumpy without a belt. So adding a sassy kelly green belt and a simple necklace takes it from slightly frumpy to fabulous.

So what is your favorite accessorie at the moment?

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Tara said...

What a fashionista!

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