Friday, January 11, 2013

{Favorite} Things Friday : Modcloth

Hello lovely reader's and happy friday!

I am switching it up this week and instead of doing a 'Five Things Friday' I am going to do a 'Favorite Things Friday.' Because well...dare I say I think I may have just found a new favorite store and I just have to tell you about it, so you can see all the goodness! 

I would like to introduce you to Modcloth
There is a grand possibility that I could very well spend all some of my Christmas money here. The clothes at Modcloth look like things you would find in a boutique that cost a lot of money, but some things only range from $30-$40. ((but there are definitely things more than that! ha)) 

While I was looking I found some adorable things that I need want. Don't get caught in the trap of major cuteness. I thought I would only look for 5 minutes...5 minutes turns into an hour really fast!

just a warning: there are some things on modcloth that when i see i think to myself 'who in the world would buy that?' so don't think i love it all and consider yourself warned :)

What's not to love about this top? Polka dots AND it's coral! 

I think just about every girl in the world is in love with chevron right now! It is all the range, so this top is a must for every fashionista. 

I love all the little detail on this top, and the gold dots add the perfect amount of shine!

More coral :) This would look adorable with some boots!

The perfect girly coat! Look at that darling fabric in the inside. AND emerald is this year's Color of the Year!

There is no doubt that you have to search to find something your style. At first you may hate everything you see, but keep scrolling! 

Have you ever gotten anything from Modcloth? What were your thoughts? Let me know what you think!

Happy Shopping and Happy Weekend!



Tara said...

Yes! I've shopped Modcloth. Very very cute stuff. I had to send my sweater coat back though....I looked like I was wearing a 10 year olds clothes the sizing is waaaaaaay small. Cute stuff though! I looove the green coat :) Oh and the chevron and the white/gold tunic. Fun

Jordan said...

I love it all! I especially love the coat and the chevron shirt! You can never go wrong with Chevron.

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