Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mini Gallery Wall

Hey Folks! I'm back. 
Last week was exam week, so my brain was focusing on things like finding the standard deviation in math, Christopher Columbus sailing the ocean blue, and how sound gets into your ear. Turns out I passed and can now regain my life back after hours of studying.

I have this thing for pictures/picture frames. I have 13. Just in my room. That's not counting my magnet boards that I have pictures hanging on. Maybe I should get some help?
Picture frames are almost always in the mix with a gallery wall, and since I have about a billion why not make a couple into a gallery wall?!

Want to see what was the spark for this idea?
Isn't it adorable? Taylor gave it to me for my birthday and I am obsessed with it.
Print from my sister. She is a designing goddess.

Now for the gallery way...
Um. Where is the pink frame?
What can I say? I'm a fickle pickle-- constantly changing my mind on things. One moment I loved the pop of pink with the mix, and the next I was diggin' the look with the clean white frames carried throughout the mini wall. In the end I decided on the white frame look and letting the dashing pink frame live on my tiny shelves.

I am very pleased with how its come so far-- meaning it isn't quite done yet. (I just couldn't wait to share it). I'm thinking there needs to bea tiny colorful little something between the "Sew" hoop and cork board. Anybody have any ideas?
Here's a split screen just for fun.

Where I Got it
M: PBTeen (out of stock)
3 frames: Hobby Lobby
Print (in top frame above cork board)
Sew Hoop: DIY-- tutorial coming soon
Cork Board

So how'd I do it?
I really wish I took pictures of the process, but of course I didn't. So it will come to your through words.
Arranging Process
I already have a few nails/command hooks in this wall. So, I hung up the cork board on one and the big white picture frame above the M on a nail. For the other elements in the wall I traced the shape of them on a sheet of paper, cut it out, taped it on the wall/moved it to were I wanted it. (like this). I kept the paper up when we put more nails in. When you get the nail in just rip that paper off.

Marking Nail Holes
You may have seen this idea on Pinterest already. I used the toothpaste marking method. Put toothpaste on the paper-- Nail it-- Rip the paper off. Worked like a charm!

So, tell me. Are you going out of the box with any of your decor? I'd love to hear!

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