Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I Wore {Mustard Yellow + Polka Dots}

Happy Hump Day!

There seems to be two things I love to wear (3&4 if you count Old Navy and my boots). One is the color Mustard Yellow, and two is Polka Dots hence the title. After seeing today's fashion post you will see this trend. Don't know what I'm talking about? Refere back to last week's post and see if you can find the yellow + dots. 

My brother told me I looked like a...ummmm...bumblebee in this outfit. Will you please reassure me that he is wrong? Mkay. Thanks. I mean, bumblebee's have stripes not polka dots. Duh. 
At least I hope you don't think I look like one too :)

Dress: Delia's // Cardigan: Old Navy // Belt: Delia's // Tights: Target // Boots: Payless

My sister was oh so kind, to take these pictures for me. And when you get two sisters together crazy things are going to happen. If you have ever had a situation like this it will explain the following set of pictures. 

Oh, and there are like 100 more of these. I will spare you from looking at them all. 

So, what do you think of this week's outfit? What are some pieces you always find yourself attracted too? I would love to hear your thoughts. And your comments Make. My. Day. I love reading them. Thank you :)

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

you look absolutely adorable! i love dresses mixed with cardigan and colored tights. i don't own a pair of mustard tights, but after this post i think i should!

visiting from wiww.

delirious rhapsody

Anonymous said...

So cute! Anything yellow and polka dot is always a win! Your blog is great, poked around a bit and i love it!


Mandy Ford said...

What an adorable outfit! I love this color combo and you are too cute. Visiting from WIWW! :)

Clare UnderstatedClassics said...

I love this look. No, I don't see a bumblebee, I see two hot trends that work really well together! You look fantastic, and this photo shoot makes the look even more fun!

Stopping by from the link up! Happy Wednesday!

Understated Classics

Tara said...

Oh T I LOVE this outfit, LOVE. I have a very personal relationship with polka dots, we're like best friends! Ha! You are too too cute. P.S. Just got a box from ModCloth today :) 2 new dresses!

Ashley said...

2 of my favorite things...mustard color and polka dots!!! You look so cute!

Amanda Cobb said...

So adorable! Love the polka dots and mustard. And you do not look like a bumblebee. :) I think this would work with a contrasting color of tights, too, if you're really worried about the bee thing.

Leelee said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your statement about bumblebees. I have never seen a polka dotted bee.

14 Shades of Grey said...

I'm stopping by from the Casual Friday link-up. Your dress is super pretty, and that color combo is the best!

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