Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday {A Fashion Post}

Was the suspense from Monday just killing you? Were you counting down the nights/days until you could read this post? Well, today, as promised it is here for you! 
I do not consider my self to be a super duper fashionable person. I do not go all out like some people do {by people I mean the pictures I see on Pinterest}, but someday I hope I will :) Fashion is something I enjoy though, and I hope this post will bring you a little inspiration at the least. 

Things to keep in mind while reading this:
All pictures were taken on Sunday, right after it stopped snowing. So, as imagined it was cold freezing out side.
You may also come to the conclusion that I love Old Navy - like a lot. I think every outfit has at least 1 item from there. 

Don't have a necklace that would match? Add a scarf! 

Cardigan: Old Navy // White Tee: Old Navy // Jeans: Younkers // Boots: Payless // Necklace : Very Jane Deal {gifted to me by Megan} // Scarf: Gap {turned into an infinity scarf by me}

My are we almost done I am freeeezing face.

Sweater: Old Navy // White Tee: Old Navy // Jeans + Boots: Same as above // Necklace: Craft Show

Tan Cardigan: Maurices // White Tee: Old Navy //  Jeans + Boots: Same as above // Scarf: Craft Show // Necklace: Younkers

{Apparently I like to open my mouth - sorry}

Mustard Yellow Cardigan: Old Navy // Necklace: Forever 21 // Pink Striped Infinity Scarf: Old Navy // Cowl: Etsy Shop // Flower: Made by me // Jeans + Boots: Same as above

Polka Dot Sweater: Old Navy // Gray Infinity Scarf: Made by my grandma //  Jeans + Boots: Same as above

I am linking with the Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy, be sure to head over there to see what other's are wearing this week. 

I would love to hear your thoughts! Do ya'll love Old Navy too? 

Enjoy your day!



kate said...

i am in LOVE with that polka dot sweater!!

Anonymous said...

I do love Old Navy - but I love your taste in necklaces/scarves more. Well done!

Chioma said...

honey i love some Old Navy! you are the queen of statement necklaces :)

C's Evolution of Style

AshleaD said...

I love Old Navy, but it doesn't love me. I must be oddly shaped for their clothes or something, but oh my goodness i LOVE that polka dot sweater!! I am so going shopping tomorrow! haha

Also, love all the necklaces and scarves!

Franziska said...

you have such a great collection of scarves - I love the polka dot one!

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