Friday, February 1, 2013

5 Things Friday

Wanna hear some random rambling about my week? Well, you have come to the right spot. 

1. This week has been awe-some! Only a 3 day school week! Monday we were off for some random reason {some teachers were even clueless}...I think it was supposed to be an 'ice day', but truth is the roads really were not that bad. But, I'm not complaining I was happy to be off. And today we have off too, but there is actually tons of snow to make it a snow day :)

2. #myluck

3. There are currently brownies in the oven {made by me}, and I think they may actually be turning out. If you know anything about me, you have probably came to the conclusion baking is not my fort√©. 

4.  Peace Signs and Duck Lips -- Saaaayyy Whaaatt? 

{another outtake from my post on wed.}

5. My family got new furniture! Our old furniture was still from when we built the house {9 years ago}, food stains were all over it, and the cushions didn't even appear square anymore -- like they were supposed too be. 

{grainy instagram picture}

In case you were wondering, I have tested out all the new furniture and it makes the perfect spot for a Sunday and/or after school nap -- especially the flower chair :)

Enjoy your weekend!


1 comment:

Danavee said...

That is a cute outfit!!!!!!! I'm clicking on that post!

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