Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dirt Road Diaries Tour {Recap}

As mentioned in this post, I said I would be attending the Luke Bryan concert! Let me tell you -- it was a steller concert. 
Dare I say it was better than Carrie Underwoods?!?! Oops...just did. 

Today I will be giving you a little recap on it, because I am pretty sure not everybody that read's this blog went :) If you want a little music to listen to in the background look up Luke Bryan...maybe that will make you feel more like you were actually there. 

Before we start...I have to tell you that one of my highlights of attending a concert is seeing, feeling, and hearing the anticipation from the crowd on their feet with hands waving while waiting for the performer to start, or the next song. I just love the vibe that it brings!

Luke had two groups open for him -- Florida Georgia Line, and Thompson Square. 

First up was Florida Georgia Line. The definitely started the show off with a fantastic amount of energy. Even though I did not know 1 or 2 of their songs, it was still an awesome start to the show!

Favorite Performances of Florida Georgia Line: Cruise and Get Your Shine On

After FGL, there was Thompson Square. The energy from FGL kept on going with their performance as well!

The lights that they had going on while they were singing were crazy cool -- what do you think of that phrase...crazy cool :)

Favorites from Thompson Square: I Got You, and Glass {During Glass they showed pictures from their trip to Honduras, and it was really sweet to watch!}

And then all the good out-standing stuff happened. It was time for LUKE BRYAN! The energy was a million times better than the first two for him! We stood the entire time...you know the person that is always waving their hands...singing their hearts out...and moving side to side? Yah, that was us! I can't really describe how he performs, but it is awesome -- it is the type of thing where you have to be there to get what I'm saying. 

Favorites from Luke Bryan: I Don't Want This Night To End, and Rain Is A Good Thing

Overall, I loved loved loved the concert and I'm telling you that if you even get the chance to see Luke perform...you better take it!

Thank you so much Rachel + Katelyn for coming with me...I hope you had a blast too!


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