Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Heart Week

Annndd as of 11 days ago it is officially the month of hearts, pink, and chocolate! 
With Valentines Day less than 5 days away I've only made one single craft associated with V-day (coming soon!). Since I am so behind on this particular holiday, I've turned to Pinterest to boost your Valentine ideas (as well as mine). 

Turn your chalkboard into Valentines decor with a "happy heart" banner and loving Bible verse.

Here's some cute little heart cookies for the sugar loving folks out there.

Valentines Day wouldn't be complete without a little burlap banner now would it?

Then we have some cutesee pink heart totes.  

And to top it all off, a Bible verse that ties this week together.

What are you crafting up this Valentines season?

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