Thursday, February 21, 2013

Triangle Patchwork {Envelope} Pillow

If you aren't on Pinterest, bless your heart. While you are missing out on endless inspiration, you are saving your life from hours and hours on the computer. 
But don't get me wrong, I love me some Pinterest.
With all these snow days we've been having I made the decisions to get some things crossed off my ever-so-long Pinterest to-do list. I came across this pillow from the ever so famous Craft Weekend, I was sold and had to make it. Then there's the envelope back pillow floating around, so why not combine them? Badibing-badiboo- Two projects done it one! #success

I'll tell you this, this is no speedy project. But I'd say the 3+ hours (don't judge, I get distracted.) it took me to make it was well worth it.

Did I mention that this project is a great way to use up that overabundant collection of scraps? 

What You Need
Triangle Template
Fabric for Triangles (this is a great way to use up scraps!) 
Fabric for the back (envelope style)
Sewing Machine
Iron/Ironing Board

Front Part of Pillow--Triangle

1. Start of by measuring the dimension of your pillow. Add and inch on all sides for seams. 

2. Figure out the size you want to cut your triangles. Make a template out of card stock. (I lost the dimensions for my triangles. Sorry!)

3. Cut out enough triangles to cover the front, and hang over all the edges.  This takes quite some time, probably the longest step. If you can find a helper it goes a lot faster! (I bribed my sister :) ) At this point don't worry about what fabric goes where-- that part comes later!

I had 10 triangle each row, 4 rows= 40 triangles.

4. Once you get everything cut, iron every single triangle. 

5. Now the fun part! Arrange the triangles in the order you want. 

6. Sew the triangles row by row for now. Take your triangles and match up right sides.

7. Sew along the edge

8. After you sew every triangle press the triangle away from the seam. Repeat steps 6-8 until you get all your rows sewed. 

9. You sew the rows together similar to how you sewed the triangles together. Take your rows and match up right sides. 

10. Sew along the edges

11. Press rows away. Continue steps 9-11 until you have all the rows connected. 

If it doesn't cover the front of the pillow perfectly, don't worry about it! The back will help you out. 
For now, you are done with the front. 

Envelope Back 

1. Cut two pieces of fabric-- both so they cross the middle section of the pillow. 

2. Fold one edge of each envelope piece over and sew it down. 
3. Take your triangle front one part of the envelope. Sew them together, right sides together. Sew the bottom, then sew up the sides. Make sure to catch every triangle in the machine!

4. Repeat step 3 with your other envelope piece. 

5. When you are done, you should have stitched all around the pillow. 

6. Cut off any access fabric from the envelope back. 

7. Insert your pillow and WALA! You got a pillow. 

Go have a fiesta and make a pillow yourself! 
What Pinterest pins are haunting you to get 'em done? What ones have you finished? I'd love to see!
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Karen said...

I love all the fun colors and the triangle pattern. Great job! Visiting from Inspire Me Please link party

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