Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I Wore {A Spring in my Step}

Today marks day 1 of Spring Break 2013.
Can I get a big HIP HIP HORRAY and a victory dance!? 
I don't think there is anything better than having spring break with sunny, 50-60 degree days, where kapris and sandals are a must, and no coats are needed. Now that's my kind of weather.  
I don't need a vacay to Florida. Give me happy weather and I am a happy camper.
Belt tutorial here
There's just one problem. 
The weathermen/woman are kinda crushing my dreams of having the ideal spring break this year by forecasting snow and temps in the mid 30s. Err. Excuse me. It's March 27. Am I wrong? A big contrast from last years 80 degree weather at this time, wouldn't you say?

DIY skinny jean tutorial here
I guess we just have to roll with crazy Michigan (and other places 'roud the world) weather. 

Despite the fact that there are still flurries of snow, and the temperatures feel like we are still in February, I refuse to dress like we are caught up in the middle of winter.
That's my cue to bust out the bright colored cardi's, floral prints, and get a spring in my step. 
My favorite newest pair of shoes: my Tom knock-offs. They really do look like the real thing (but for a fraction of the cost) and they deceive people thinking they are the real deal all the time. Airwalk via Payless is who we can thank.

A pop of magenta hear, with dash of springy flowers here, topped with an emerald green belt makes this crazy weather almost bearable.
I guess I'll just have to wait another month or so for kapris + sandals. When that time comes, I'll be the happiest person around.
cardigan: Target | tank top: Target (a while ago) | scarf: Meijer | belt: Old Navy | jeans: Old Navy/DIY | shoes: Payless

Are you impatiently waiting for spring to make its move as well, or are you a winter condition lover?

Friday, March 22, 2013

5 Things Friday

Can you say FRIDAY?
It's been a slightly hectic week over here and I couldn't be more happy about the fact that we have 3 days  until Monday comes again.
Did I mention Spring Break starts next week? No? Well it sure does. After Wednesday I will be jumping up and down and chanting FREEDOM for a week and 2 days. Will you be joining me?

1. Our camera decided to die on us, again. So until it decides to start working again-- no tutorials coming my way. I'm itching to try something new, so hopefully it will be as good as new by next week!

2. I got a new water bottle and I am literally obsessed. I have this terrible habit that I break every water bottle I have. I am hoping that I can break that habit with this one-- because if this one cracks I may cry. 

3. Taylor and I had a very very very mini photoshoot the other day, and here is proof of it. It's our new 'head shot' for the blog.

4. If you came here Wednesday and wondered where that WIWW post I promised on my jean refashion post was, and now you are starring at me through the computer screen with angry eyes, *awkward* I am utterly sorry about that. School got the best of me and that post never made it farther than just pictures. Next week-- promise.

5. I'm really digging this springy way to way my chambray shirt. Once this nasty snowstorm passes, hopefully I'll be able to do a look a like of it!

Have a super, fantabulous weekend!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bootcut to Skinny Jeans

Don't you love a good project that saves you a couple dollars here and there? Or one that you've never tried before, but once you check it off your to-do list you can't wait to do another project like it?
If you are nodding your head yes to any of these, I've got a project for you. 
Outfit details coming next week Wednesday!
Taking those bootcut jeans and turning them into skinny jeans!
It may sound tricky, but I assure you-- it is pretty easy. Took me about 20 minutes! Can't beat that. 

I don't know about you, but I've got a closet full of jeans that have an awkward length on me. With spring coming up I had the idea in the back of my mind to sew them into skinnies, roll up the bottoms and call them kapris. 
But, why not use them for skinnies until the frisky days of winter are over, then convert them to kapris? Bingo!
I went searching on Pinterest to make sure I got I would do this right. This tutorial is wonderful! So easy to follow. I mixed things up just a weency bit
Anyways, let's get started.

What You Need
Jeans (mine I used were too short, but worked for skinny jeans)
Sewing machine
Optional: heavy duty sewing machine needle (I used a regular strength one and it worked fine, but if you want to be safe, go for the heavy duty needle)

 Here is my awkward length pair of jeans. High water bottoms.

Turn your jeans on inside out. Make sure to button/zip them so they fit how they would when you wear them. 

Pull the jeans into 'skinny jean form'. Start pinning from the top (where the flair starts) and head down. I started just below my knee because that is where the flair starts. 
I pinned on the outside seam, just because I thought it would be easier to sew. When you are finished you can't tell the difference from the seam where you started to where you ended. 

Take the jeans off. To give you more of a guidance when you sew, take chalk and make a line that runs by the pins.

Get your sewing machine out. Keep the pins in when you sew. It helps so much. Start from the bottom and sew up. Take the pins out as you go.

Once you get both legs sewed up try them on. They most likely won't be perfect the first time, but fixing them is so easy, and worth it. If they don't look 100% perfect at first, turn the inside out, put them and find the spot you need to fix (if they are too tight in a spot-- take the seam out in the spot where it is too tight. If they are too lose you can keep the seam in and just sew closer). Pin that spot like you did before and repeat the chalk/sewing process.

Once you know you got the jeans how you want them to, cut about 1/2-3/4 inch away from the seam.

Put your machine on small-medium zig-zag stich and zig-zag along the raw edge to keep them from fraying.

And here's a split screen to see the transformation between the two.
I have to say, I was a little nervous about the whole 'skinny jean' deal, cause well this is my first pair. Now I love wearing them with a lose fitted top, and can't wait to use them for kapris! I've got a few more pairs of awkward length paints to do this with.
 So the moral of this, don't be afraid to make them! YOU CAN DO IT!!! 
(excuse the 4th grade flashback with capital letters and the excessive use of explanation points)

Have you found a project that you just can't get enough of and can't wait to do another?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I Wore {Peplum}

Every Sunday after church, as soon as my pj's are on, I grab the newspaper and start my search for the Target add. It is pretty much the only add I look at, so I am expecting it to be stunning every week. 
Target did not disappoint last week. While flipping through the pages, the prettiest shirt, like ever to exist in a Target magazine -- ya image that! best one!, met my eyes.  

Meet my current favorite love : Emerald {Lace} Peplum Top

Top: Target // Tank: Old Navy // Cardigan: Maurices // Jeans: Younkers // Flats: Payless

Since I have a Pinterest (follow me?), I knew this was a huge trend right now. I also had a little bit of a fear that they wouldn't stay on the shelves very long at Target. So, the next day I sent my mom off to Target with 15 bucks -- yup, it was only that much! -- and she snatched it up for me. 

^instagram picture : @taylorkruithof 

Another little feature -- which I don't have a picture of -- is that the back is in zipper form. #sassy

Again this week I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy, Get Your Pretty On, Because Shanna Said So, and My Greatest Hits -- go check them out!

Tell me! What do you think is one of the biggest trends right now? I would love to hear!

Hope you have a steller rest of your Wednesday. 


*sorry for the bad iphone quality pictures*

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Turning the Big One-Five

So what's the reason for a post on Saturday?
A pretty big one I'd say!
A pretty cake can only mean one thing...
Happy Birthday to Taylor!  The other half behind this blog.

The blog would be dull without her crazy fashionable posts and her insanely crafty ideas!
Have an ah-mazing day, and stuff yourself silly with cake!

Go ahead and wish Taylor an awesome 15th birthday through a comment or email!

Taylor gets to share her b-day with a good friend of ours, Ellisa, so happy birthday to her too! And since we usually don't post on Sunday, happy birthday to my sister (tomorrow!)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

This Makes Two

Guys, today marks our blogs 2nd birthday.
Can we all get a big "YAY"? 
We started when we were just wee little 7th graders, and even back then we were big blog readers. We expanded our craft blog reading and made our own craft blog on March 7, 2011. 
Let's take a look down memory lane...

You can read our very first post here, just as long as you don't make fun of us ;). We hang our heads in shame and embarrassment because of that post. Hey, at least we admit to our lack of professionalness. I think we have changed for the better over the past 2 years on this blog. 

Our photography has improved by miles.
 back in 2011

... and now.

Over the past 2 years we've had 5 blog designs. We really wish we kept at shot of each header to look back on, but sadly we never through to do that.  The current design would have to be our fav.. You can read some details on our design now here. Maybe we'll see another design in the near future? 

We've won an 'award' for our blog.

As of today (meaning counting this post) we have 179 posts. 

Then starting this year, we branched out beyond our blog and shared our ideas/outfits with others. And seeing others ideas are just so much fun :).
So far for our WIWW post we've linked up with Pleated Poppy, Get Your Pretty On, and Two Thirty-Five Designs. With our more crafyness we've gone to I Heart Naptime, Five Days Five Ways, Bower Power, and The 36th Avenue. Wheeewee, that's a boat load of em!

 (starting top left. Left-right)

If you want a glance at what we did in 2012, check out this post for a in-depth look at our year! (2011 never got one. We were suffering from a mild case of bloggers block around that time. You know, kinda like writers block. Thankfully we have recovered.)

Thank you all for making blogging a little more fun ;) 
Taylor & Megan

p.s. Happy birthday to my (Megan's) Mom today!!! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I Wore {Navy + Red}

So apparently I'm a little excited for the Fourth of July. 
navy tunic: Old Navy | cardigan: Deliah's | leggings: Old Navy | shoes: Payless | rosette necklace: handmade (tutorial here) | belt: Old Navy (in stores only)

The red and navy kinda screams America's birthday, but hey, what can I say? I'm proud to be an American, and am bringing the summer holiday (which is one of my favs) to the dead of winter through my outfit. So patriotic.

Funny story about the navy tunic. Well actually it is far from funny, but I'll tell it anyway. I got the navy shirt years ago (from ON). It came with a little navy 'sash' to tie around the waste. Two years later, I wasn't specifically fond of the sash. I cut it off and now use a polka-dot belt to tie it together! Reduce, reuse, recycle, and not to mention save a buck or two! Helping the world one step at a time.

Since I'm quite attracted to this color combo I'll wear this outfit to despite the fact that the 4th of July is 5 months away. 

Like usual, I'm linkin up with Pleated Poppy, Get Your Pretty On, House of Rose, Larson Lingo, Because Shanna Said So, and Casual Friday. Check the fashionistas at the other par-tay's! Inspiration galore!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Belt It: Looped Knot

I've recently come to realize how much a belt can do for an outfit. Now, I'm not talking the kind that keeps your pants on (but that kind certainly does help), I'm thinking more the kind that adds a touch of spazazz to an outfit and can tie the pieces together.
Without a belt this sassy little dress is kinda a big baggy box. Real attractive. This little emerald belt not only gives the dress more shape, but also adds a splash of color (not to mention, a splash of the color of the year!). 
belt: Old Navy (in store only) | dress: Shade (out of stock)

You can do so many things when it comes to tying a belt. You don't have to stick with the tradition fasten and slide it through the little loop. The 'looped knot' is one of my favorite ways to fasten my belt.

And here's how I do it.
Let's let the pictures do the explaining...

Pardon the awkward, self timer picture. 

Have at it, and try tying your belt this way!
Got any other ways to tie those fashion belts? I'd love to hear.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Things Friday

Just when I thought spring was around the corner we got hit with another 'snow storm'. It wasn't near as severe as the meteorologist made it out to be, but yet it makes spring seem thousands of miles away. 

Of course I was thankful for the snow at first. Mainly because of the snow days it gave us (and I will admit it makes things a might pretty). Five snow days later and I'm satisfied with what we got and ready to move to warmer weather!

Pinterest defiantly isn't making my winter blues any better. I'm constantly being reminded that the weather outside is frightful and isn't sunny like it is in the pictures, or kapris and sandal weather is still far away. Why do you haunt me Pinterest? Why?

I can't wait to start wearing sandals again. With all the bling and spazazz these have make them 100 times cuter.

You can't go wrong with a navy+green polka dot scarf for spring!

I cannot wait to wear skirts again.

A bright pink trench coat is a perfect transition from cold-warm weather.

A pink gingham shirt paired with dark wash jean kapris and those bedazzled sandals above is the perfect combo for spring in my mind.

Tell me. Are you itching for this cold weather to disappear, or are you the type that just adores the snow and cold all winter long?
As always, you can follower me here on Pinterest. 
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