Friday, March 22, 2013

5 Things Friday

Can you say FRIDAY?
It's been a slightly hectic week over here and I couldn't be more happy about the fact that we have 3 days  until Monday comes again.
Did I mention Spring Break starts next week? No? Well it sure does. After Wednesday I will be jumping up and down and chanting FREEDOM for a week and 2 days. Will you be joining me?

1. Our camera decided to die on us, again. So until it decides to start working again-- no tutorials coming my way. I'm itching to try something new, so hopefully it will be as good as new by next week!

2. I got a new water bottle and I am literally obsessed. I have this terrible habit that I break every water bottle I have. I am hoping that I can break that habit with this one-- because if this one cracks I may cry. 

3. Taylor and I had a very very very mini photoshoot the other day, and here is proof of it. It's our new 'head shot' for the blog.

4. If you came here Wednesday and wondered where that WIWW post I promised on my jean refashion post was, and now you are starring at me through the computer screen with angry eyes, *awkward* I am utterly sorry about that. School got the best of me and that post never made it farther than just pictures. Next week-- promise.

5. I'm really digging this springy way to way my chambray shirt. Once this nasty snowstorm passes, hopefully I'll be able to do a look a like of it!

Have a super, fantabulous weekend!

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