Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Belt It: Looped Knot

I've recently come to realize how much a belt can do for an outfit. Now, I'm not talking the kind that keeps your pants on (but that kind certainly does help), I'm thinking more the kind that adds a touch of spazazz to an outfit and can tie the pieces together.
Without a belt this sassy little dress is kinda a big baggy box. Real attractive. This little emerald belt not only gives the dress more shape, but also adds a splash of color (not to mention, a splash of the color of the year!). 
belt: Old Navy (in store only) | dress: Shade (out of stock)

You can do so many things when it comes to tying a belt. You don't have to stick with the tradition fasten and slide it through the little loop. The 'looped knot' is one of my favorite ways to fasten my belt.

And here's how I do it.
Let's let the pictures do the explaining...

Pardon the awkward, self timer picture. 

Have at it, and try tying your belt this way!
Got any other ways to tie those fashion belts? I'd love to hear.

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