Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Things Friday

Just when I thought spring was around the corner we got hit with another 'snow storm'. It wasn't near as severe as the meteorologist made it out to be, but yet it makes spring seem thousands of miles away. 

Of course I was thankful for the snow at first. Mainly because of the snow days it gave us (and I will admit it makes things a might pretty). Five snow days later and I'm satisfied with what we got and ready to move to warmer weather!

Pinterest defiantly isn't making my winter blues any better. I'm constantly being reminded that the weather outside is frightful and isn't sunny like it is in the pictures, or kapris and sandal weather is still far away. Why do you haunt me Pinterest? Why?

I can't wait to start wearing sandals again. With all the bling and spazazz these have make them 100 times cuter.

You can't go wrong with a navy+green polka dot scarf for spring!

I cannot wait to wear skirts again.

A bright pink trench coat is a perfect transition from cold-warm weather.

A pink gingham shirt paired with dark wash jean kapris and those bedazzled sandals above is the perfect combo for spring in my mind.

Tell me. Are you itching for this cold weather to disappear, or are you the type that just adores the snow and cold all winter long?
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