Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Font Fiesta

The pre-installed fonts are pretty much the bomb. Take a look at Comic Sans, which is one of my absolute favorites to use. Then again, Curlz MT is right on up there (Come on, they even spelled curls with a z. Bonus points!). This post is dedicated to all those imaginative fonts that are oh-so-kindly already there for use when we open up our word documents. 

April Fools 3 days late. 
(I think we can record that for the worse April Fools joke in all history)

Unless I am writing a paper for school, or am specifically told to use a certain font, I refuse to use the pre-installed fonts. I mean, no offense, they aren't the cutest.
I'm defiantly a font snob. 

I am continuously stalking the fonts out there and downloading them. I even have a Font board on Pinterest to help organize my obsession. 
To give your font book a little creative kick, here are 15 (out of the hundreds I have) of my favorite fonts. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention they're F-R-E-E!  

Have at it! Download a few, or all 15. If you are font happy check out my Pinterest board dedicated to fonts and have yourself a font fiesta!


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Rachel said...

Megan, those fonts are fabulous! I've been downloading new ones all the time! #fontobsessed

following you now!

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