Friday, May 17, 2013

5 Things Friday {Trying To Pull This Off...}

Two of my favorite people to follow on Instagram (@taylorkruithof) are Kendi Everyday + The Shine Project
Have you seen their style? I want both their closets, all of it. 
Not to mention their hair is STELLER!

5 things that I wish I could pull off:

Whenever I try this concept I look horrible. But, it looks great on everybody else. Maybe I'm trying the wrong color's together, who knows. I'll have to experiment this summer...then come back with the results.

Megan is fantastic at pulling this off! Me on the other hand just can't seem to find the right pieces to mix. I love how in this outfit not both pattern's are big + bold. Simple polka dots and bold stripes. This could be the key.

I've got one part of this outfit down...the maxi skirt. Now I'll just have to find a tee to knot -- I don't normally buy them big enough to do that :)

Pretty sure I look like Santa Claus when I try this. I'll stop here. 

I try to get loose curls every weekend. I've had it turn out maybe once?! But my hair is back to the before in an hour. Any tips? 

Look here to see many more of their outfits I love. 

What are your thoughts on these trends? Can you pull them off? 

Have a lovely weekend. 

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