Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Camera and a Can of Bug Spray Later

About a month ago now TGAGG went through some major changes with the look of this site-- Two Girls and a Glue Gun got a makeover!
Taylor and I decided that with our new update, it was time for some fresh 'head shots'. So we grabbed my  WIWW photographer AKA my sister and headed out to one of my dad's fields with a fabulous woodsy area in which we braved mobs of mosquitoes which later gave us big red welts for our pictures. So stylish. I guess the rustic barn made up for it :)
Enough with my chat-- about 400 pictures later (not keeping all of them of course), here are some of our favorites. 

In case you are curious here are the details to what we wore

And a group shot was necessary + the photographer needed some limelight and got a couple selfies. 
Despite the mosquitoes that attacked us and the blazing heat it was a fabulous day for a mini photo shoot, and by golly I am so pleased with the results! 

1 comment:

hsmominmo said...

looks like you had tons of fun with this photo shoot! I think my fav is the B&W shot of the two of you blowing dandelions.
(Stopping by from 5days5ways)

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