Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dresser Makeover {The Clean}

*If you haven't seen the dresser makeover this cleaning process is all about, go here.*

We are hear with the dreaded most part of furniture makeover. At least I get all complainy just thinking about it-- the cleaning part. I suppose it's just a part of furniture make-overing life. 
Despite those not-so-captivating first few sentences, this job was painless. Just a bunch of wiping down unappealing mystery spots and giving it a nice shine. Kinda like washing windows. 

With the type of paint I used (more on that soon!) I didn't have to do any priming, sanding, or any of that glorious grunt work. Overall this was a simple task, just rather lengthy. But hey, you do what ya gotta do!

Shall we get started on our little cleaning spree? 

Here's what we've got from the beginning. One dusty dresser. Don't judge. It sat in the garage for a month so there yah have it. 

Wipe off the dust with a dry rag. No water or any sort of liquid is needed here.
*blurry picture alert*

Now it's time to mix up the concoction that works wonders. 
For every quart of hot water you need 1 tablespoon of TSP. 
A little goes a long ways when it comes to this substance- I didn't even use 1/4 of my quart.

Add your TSP to the warm water and shake it up real good. 

Spray the cleaning supply over all surfaces that will eventually get painted and scrub with a scotch pad. 

The scotch pad acts as a very fine sandpaper and brings up any dirt and grim off of the surface. It gets rid of any remains of sticky spots from stickers, and wears down an engraved star (good work on the star Kayla :)).

After you have cleaned all surfaces wipe down everything really well with a dry towel.

From the start of making the spray to the finish of cleaning the drawer knobs, this part of the process took about one hour. Not too bad, and it beats striping the piece or doing any other crazy work. It especially pays off when the piece is finished :)
Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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