Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fill 'Er Up

Usually on Wednesday's things look a little more, err fashionable around here. However because of a crazy busy week and gloomy rainy weather the second Coral Shorts 3 Ways addition never made it out of draft mode. So I promise I'll get my act together and be back with that. 
In place of a fashion post today my new favorite jar filler will have to do. In my dresser reveal last week you may have noticed the bare jar sitting on the dresser. I've been searching for a cheap, cute, and colorful way to fill 'er up. My sister unintentionally gave me the marvelous idea of gumballs. The rest you could say is history. Now I've got myself a sassy filled jar. The challenge with this filler is to limit yourself to how many you eat a day now. :) 
Happy Wednesday!

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