Friday, July 5, 2013

Five Things Friday {June}

One month is officially down for summer and we have two to go. Before you know it we'll be boarding the buses and studying for exams again! To wrap up June (5 days late but whatevs) here's 5 things from June.

Strawberry season came to a close early this week. I probably ate 3 pounds of them by myself.

Summertime calls for peppy nail color! (Jaded by Sally Hansen)

Frozen smoothie posing as frozen yogurt. I'm due for a trip to Peachwave

Plenty of water balloon fights with my siblings. In the end we come out with huge welts across our back. We get each other good. 

I spent the last few days of June with Taylor and her family along with my sister to go camping! There we are pitching our tent-- talk about taking DIY to the wilderness. Only we were at a wilderness with a pool, running water, and electricity.

Have a fabulous Friday!

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