Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I Wore {Coral Shorts + Comfy Tee}

Introducing week 2 of.... 
You can see last weeks addition here. Last week was a more dressed up look, but this week we are taking it casual. Don't ya love it when the same thing can be dressed up or down? You get the BEEEST of both worlds! (Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus flashback)
shorts: Target | tee: Target | necklace: Old Navy | headband: craft show

As of this week we are experiencing a major heat wave. Major for someone from Michigan, but probably a walk in the park to those living in Arizona and those blazing states. When I'm not in my swimsuit this week, there is no way I'm wearing something that will mess with my brain and make the humidity rise and the heat index jump to 3 digits. This comfortable loose tee is the perfect addition to my favorite pair of shorts. Leave it to Target to produce such a shirt.

Even though this outfit is on the casual end of the scale it wouldn't be complete without an accessory. Or in this case-- two. The pink tiny tear drop necklace is the icing on the cake and ties in the coral. 

With the sun pounding down what seems to be 24/7 I don't want my hair hanging on my back. Pulling it to the side gets that annoying tail that otherwise would be bothering me on a hot day out of the way. The fishtail braid is a change from your expected traditional 3-strand braid. And to top it off, a headband and a button that I am overly obsessed with.

What is your favorite outfit to wear to keep you from having a heat stroke in this blazing hot weather?

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Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

I am loving coral shorts this summer! You look darling!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Such a great summer color. I'm coral obsessed!

Brianne Bracco said...

Love coral and gray!! Cute Cute! :)

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