Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I Wore {Patterns + Coral Shorts}

We've covered a sophisticated look, casual look, and now a daring look. We'll end this series with a big sha-bang. 
If my Pinterest feed is telling me the truth, mixing patterns is the new thing that cool people do. I've seen some people rocking it and others looking like they got dressed blind folded. No offense to some out there. 

shorts: Target | chambray: Old Navy | tank top: Old Navy | necklace: DIY here

The people who rock the whole pattern look give me the urge to give it a shot myself. Trial after trial I ended up looking like a circus clown. Not sure about you, but clowns don't scream fashionable to me. Finally I ended up with what you are looking at now. Small dots + large stripes. Two of my favorite patterns working together :)

We've got the two favorite patterns, we just needed some statement making bottoms. Since the top half of the outfit is very neutral what's better than my beloved coral shorts?

And a simple pearl necklace to tame down the daring move makes the outfit complete. Cause if you know me-- I can't got a day without an accessory.

Do you dig the whole mixing pattern concept? 


Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

This look is PERFECT! I have the same chambray top, I'm pretty sure, and I wear it often. :) Love the necklace you paired with it and the bright shorts! The pattern mixing is great, too! :)

Stopping by from the link up! Have the best day!!!

popcosmo said...

I love how you mixed it and think it looks fantastic. I know what you mean about mixing patterns, and you did it so well. Nothing clownish at all with what you ended up with - just perfect!
xo ~chloe

Autumn said...

Love it! Great job pattern mixing!

Amanda Cobb said...

Well done on the pattern mixing! I always think it works better when one of the patterns is more subtle (like the dots here). :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Super cute! Love coral with stripes!

My name is Rita said...

Cute outfit! If you get a chance, please link up to my link party:

Jordyn said...

You nailed it! New follower from the link up!

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

I love the stripes/dots combo! You look so cute!

Lauren @ Style Elixir said...

Great outfit! You look darling.

Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

Lauren xx

Callie said...

So pretty! I love the coral with the pattern mix. You are so gorgeous!

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