Friday, August 23, 2013

5 Things Friday {Wrapping it Up}

It's emotional for me to say that this is the last Friday of freedom for the next 9 months. Now if you see me pouting in a corner you'll know why and won't think of me as such a fool-- you've got that right, me + Taylor will be starting up school again next week Tuesday. Just like everyone else on planet earth seems to be saying: summer went by waaay too fast.

I've been drinking away my back to school blues with red Squirt floats. It's the least I can do + it helps me from croaking from a humidity heat stroke.

I stumbled across these rain boots from Target over pinterest and I'm in love. Kinda dorky, I know. I'd say it's those tiny fish that get my heart a pumpin.

If going back to school for you means laptops and you are seeking for a easy sew it yourself case here's what I did for my laptop! Quick and easy! 

My sister and I saw these ADORABLE necklaces on Very Jane but missed the deal. Luckily we found a sale price on the same necklace on her etsy shop here! Of course, we ordered them in a jiffy. They don't ship till August 31, but by golly I'll be waiting by the door step everyday for the mail after that. I got gold, oh and an M you know for Megan in case anyone was wondering :). 

I'm hoping to conquer one last project before I head back to school. Can you guess what paint color I chose for it?

Who else is booing that summer is over? Is school just around the weekend for you too? Or do you have a few more weeks of summer? Whatever it may be, enjoy these last few days/weeks of summer!

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