Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dresser Makeover {The Paint Job}

We are slowly making progress on this dresser makeover step-by-step reveal! After this only one more step left! 
You can find the cleaning process here. But today we are covering the paint job! The exciting, and also extremely nerve racking process. Maybe it's just me, but taking the step that makes it permanent and no turning back really freaks me out. Once you start though and it looks gah-lamorous takes that away! 
For this particular furniture redo I used lacquer paint. Since lacquer paint dries withing 10 seconds using a paint sprayer was the only option. 
Now for a little paint 101 (quoting the paint man at Repcolite :) ): Lacquer is the shiny stuff on furniture. And when you use lacquer based paint it will bond with the lacquer on the furniture.  Meaning-- no sanding or priming whatsoever! 
Just for the record, my hands are not that big and manly like. That is my dad's hand. I needed to take a picture :)

If the paint sprayer ain't spewing much paint don't freak. I speak from experience. A little lacquer thinner (or paint thinner if you aren't using lacquer based paint) added to the paint will do the trick. Do a ratio of half thinner and half paint. When you get your concoction mixed up paint away! When you paint continue it in one constant motion to prevent any drips. 
Now spray away! Have you been painting any furniture?

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Anonymous said...

Great revamping project! I have done this, well not me my dad helped me but I love how perfect it looks!

Cee. ♥
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