Monday, August 19, 2013

Dresser Makeover {The Stenciling}

This final addition on this dresser series was planned to be here last week. However, our computer crashed . Yeah, yeah, excuses excuses, but it is the truth! :) But the time has finally come to wrap up this dressers life on how it got from wood to white!
Let's backtrack-- you can find the big-sha-bang of a reveal here, the cleaning process here, and the how to on going from wood to white here. And today we are gonna have the 101 on how I got pretty drawers.

Yes-sir-ree-bob, I have avocado green petals throughout the bottom of every drawer. Some people may think I'm going bonkers decorating the bottom of drawers when they will just get covered up with, well junk (yeah, I don't keep clothes in my dresser.) I painted them in pursuit of it inspiring me to keep my drawers organized and to keep everything in place! And so far I can say it's worked-- thanks to some dollar store bins 5 out of 8 drawers are looking like this. The remaining 3 drawers have my folded fabric and my massive collection of totes. Apparently I get a little too excited about organization/sassy stenciled drawers cause I just wrote a whole paragraph on it. 

It took a while to get the hang of it. To keep it real my first two drawers ended up looking kinda, eh splotchy and just plain messy. I chose not to capture those because they aren't the cutest things (those drawers are filled with fabric). But, after the first two disappointing turnouts I got the feel of it and the rest turned out crisp and clean!

For the process I picked up some Martha Stewart painting sponges and 3 bottles of craft paint. The stencil I used was nothing fancy. No sticky back or nothing.

First I taped the stencil down in place so I didn't have to deal with chasing the stencil around the drawer.
I found that if you take a paint brush and paint a little bit of paint directly onto the sponge there isn't near as much extra paint to seep through the stencil. I did the edge of the stencil first and used the smallest size sponge I had.

After the edge was done I took the largest size sponge and painted the middle petals. Go row by row, and hold down the 'not-yet-painted-part' down with your hand/fingers.

After I finished one section of the stencil I would let the drawer dry and get another drawer to work on. So basically I was working on two drawers at a time.
As you can see my stencil didn't fit the entire draw. I moved it four times to complete the drawer.

In the end there was about 1/2 in where there was no pattern. The stencil ended up not fitting to the rest of the painted area and it looked like a screwed up puzzle. So, I decided to leave that blank. No one's gonna notice, right?

In the end they turned out pretty fab-u-lous if I do say so myself! And here's a little before and after action to show the miracle a little paint, stencil, and a sponge can do!
And that my friends is a wrap to this dressers life as it got pampered! Hopefully sharing my learning process throughout the whole thing has given anyone ready to slap on some paint to a piece of furniture a few hints!


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