Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Things Friday

Taylor and I returned from our mission trip to Newark, NJ last week Saturday. The mission itself was a great experience. Much to our convenience NYC was a 20 minute train ride away. Our youth group spent a day in the Big Apple (a tour around some parts of the city, and time for shopping in Time Square). Beside the fact that I am not so into big cities, it was fabulous and glamorous! 

You may have seen those commercials featuring these bottles of joy. They aren't kidding around when they say this stuff is the bomb. It really is. Blueberry raspberry is my favorite so far. I'm itching to try the strawberry lemonade flavor though!

School starts in 26 days. AAAAHHH. 

If you are looking for the most comfortable pair of lounge/comfy shorts, look no further. Here is the pair from Old Navy (Terry short!). I loved them so much I've got three pairs- purple, red, and grey!

I'm pretty obsessed with this white-on-white ensemble. 

Have an awesome weekend!

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