Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Friday!

My apologies about the fact that things have been dead here. We haven't been very entertaining. We can blame that on school, cause right now I feel like school is the problem to every bad situation worldwide. That's ride-- 3 days in and I am counting down the days till summer. Now maybe it's not that bad, but my summer was interrupted and was cut way to short. I mean it's still 90˚ out there! We should be sittin' in the sun without thinking about our presentation in espanol and how to simplify exponents. Can I get an amen?

Enough of my moaning and groaning. I'll get over it. Let's liven things up with a little beauty from Pinterest!

I'd take this room in a heartbeat.

Taylor shared a couple weeks back about her business (The Twisted Thread) taking off for craft show season. I can't get over her banners she's making. I want to buy everyone and make a banner shrine in my room. I think that would be pretty normal. Seriously, if you are on Facebook you gotta check out her page (here)!

1 | 2 | 3
I'll sink my back to school sorrows into a big lucious piece of cake. Preferably it would look like one of the three above. Cause I mean those are gawgous.

Fall should be here soon! Even though the temperatures could fool ya (but don't worry, the warm weather can stay for a while). I'm digging this layering and the color combo. I can't wait to be able to wear scarves again without my neck feeling nasty.

This living room is oh so cozy looking, and that sign is peeerrfect. I covet it. Which I know is bad.

The perfect color combo from transitioning from summer to fall!

A fabulous verse to remember!

I think I went on a pin sharing rampage. If you want to see more of my pins you can follow me here.
Have an awesome Labor Day weekend, maybe these are your last few days of summer 2013!

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