Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What I Wore {Chilly August}

Way up here in the mitten (MI), it has been a chilly previous couple weeks (but don't worry -- it has been plenty hot too.) . Let me tell you, after having to pry your clothes off at night from sweating so much, it feels lovely! + I love fall, so cooler temps are always welcome.
 Sweatshirt: Old Navy // Capri's: Younkers (? old) // Shoes: Charlotte Russe // Necklace: Charming Charlie // Bad Grass: Moles (those ugly looking animals)

Sunday night, we headed to Grand Haven to attend Worship on the Waterfront. I knew that it was a little chilly outside & that it would most likely be even cooler by the lake, I decided to wear a light sweatshirt.
I am LOVING this sweatshirt! It is not too thick, but still thick enough to be used as a sweatshirt and not just a shirt. I got it in the Old Navy sale section for only 4.97. Can we talk about a deal, or what?! 

Another reason for loving this weather? My hair doesn't stick out to ten-buck-two every time I step outside. Trust me, I look like a lion some afternoons. 
Only a few more weeks & DAYS before school. Raise your hand if you agree that summer went by waaaay to fast! **insert hand raised**
Flashback to 4th of July: I got this sweatshirt the day before, and it says BE FREE (as you probably have already read), so I figured that it would be pretty fitting for the 4th. ((be free America, be free)
Happy Wednesday!


Mama S said...

love love love the necklace

Callie said...

Super cute outfit, but I'd have to say the necklace makes it totally AWESOME!!!! You're so pretty!

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