Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What I Wore {Polka Dots + Denim}

Funny story: I had a denim shirt, for about a month, wore it like one time, decided it wasn't for me, returned the shirt. Three months later, see another denim shirt, tried it on, loved it, have worn the life out of it already.
The first denim shirt was a lot darker, like jean material. I am figuring out that I reason I didn't like it was probably because it was a jean color & I am pretty much am always in jeans, jean shorts, etc. so when I wore both it looked kinda really tacky.

I love the shade of my current denim shirt (above), I can pair it with jeans + a bright something (tank, necklace) and not feel like I am a walking jean quilt. 

What I love even more is that I can pair it with my favorite dress! This polka dot one! And, I think it's a lot of you guys favorite too because last time I did a WIW with it y'all went crazy :)

Truth: I attempted to make a flower crown, as you can see that was a fail, so instead I've got this tiny bunch of flowers.

Top: Old Navy // Dress: Delia's // Wedges: Old Navy 
Another truth: I try and bring out the actual camera for outfit taking, but my iPhone always does a better job. Thumbs up Apple.
Less than 2 weeks and I'll be sitting in a rock hard chair listening to teachers again. Oh joy...
What are your thoughts on denim? Are you a lighter denim person like me, or do you prefer darker?
Love, Taylor


Olivia Lane said...

Your outfit- polka dots and flowers- is so sweet! Supercute!
Now, I kinda hope a denim shirt finds it's way into my life. I think I prefer lighter denim too. Softness is def a factor too.

Mama S said...

absolutely love the dress!!!

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

Two of my favorite things...Chambray and polka dots!!!!! :) You look gorgeous girl!

Tara said...

I am always drawn to dark denim, but now I want a shirt just like cute. I was at Gliks last night and guess what they have?!??!?! POLKA DOT JEANS! I may need to go back:)

Autumn said...

Cute outfit! I love my light denim shirt!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

So cute! Love the polka dots!

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